In Search of a Mistress (Book 1 Regency Series)

In Search of a Mistress (Book 1 Regency Series)

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Cheryl By Cerys-Rhys Updated Dec 05, 2014

Romance and Tragedy...Love and Innocence...Revenge and Intrigue...England 1828. 

 His Grace, Cutter Roan, Duke of Carrington has an issue, he needs a women to satisfy his baser needs.  With his dreams being taunted by a mysterious young woman, his passions are inflamed. ..He has no idea how to find her, so he begins a search for the perfect substitute. Now he is in search of Mistress...It is the only thing that will set his world right again. With the help of his cousin, Lord Theo Mason, he is hopeful the he will find what he is looking for. 

  With no heir to the Carrington title, his Aunt, Lady Sophie Mason is on a quest to fill her nephews' nursery. With her matchmaking ways, will she have him married anytime soon?      

     Lady Arabella Ross has experienced her share of loss in the past few years and is left with only one family member, her two year old niece, Jocelyn. She and little Jocelyn become the wards of Lord Ned Mason and Lady Sophie.  She is recruited by Lady Sophia to help her nephew, the Duke of Carrington. Since Lady Sophie has not been feeling well lately, Arabella agrees to help. His Grace, has an empty townhouse that a "friend that he owes a great deal" will soon be moving into and she is asked to hire staff and furnish it for him.  When Arabella figures out that the house is meant for his soon to be Mistress, she then decides to cause as much mischief as she can for the rogue. After all, how DARE he?

lyndafloyd lyndafloyd Sep 12, 2016
"put together" and "compile" mean the same, so consider using *put together a list of names* or *to compile a list of names*
mgeron mgeron Nov 11, 2016
Love love love it so far... I do hope you regain the inspiration and update soon...
dxreeen dxreeen May 08, 2016
One piece of advice your paragraphs are too large make them smaller & the summary page at the start of the book is just one long paragraph cut it up & make it smaller paragraphs - as this can put off potential readers
lyndafloyd lyndafloyd Sep 11, 2016
Hi there. Your writing is lovely and I'm looking forward to the rest. I did find one homophone, however. Do you mind if I comment on it or any other typos I find? (To be honest I'm a little ocd but they just jump out at me!)
Goosecool Goosecool Aug 12, 2015
I hope you continue this story... It's very interesting n your writing style is really good
ThrivingOnOptimism ThrivingOnOptimism Apr 02, 2015
I do hope you'd continue with the story. Your writing is brilliant. I read all the chapters in one sitting!