Alpha's Lone Witch

Alpha's Lone Witch

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dr3amstar By dr3amstar Updated Sep 14, 2013

Andrew Crescent was cursed to have the memories of his reincarnation, William Crescent. The Trials, the war, the law, his death. He remembers them all but that's not what he cares about. The only thing he cares about is his mate; the heartless Meredith. 

After years of searching, he's found her and she's nothing from how he remembers her to be. She's reckless, cares nothing for life, and selfish. The once loving eyes he saw back then were as empty as the dead. That's what almost 1000 years of living does to a person.

But Andrew won't give up. He'll do anything he can to be with his mate once and for all.

*** Cover By @LifeLustingDreamer ****

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oOEarthWitchOo oOEarthWitchOo Apr 12, 2015
I love to learn about the witch trials and yes I red a book about a survivor it's a ture story and it's called witch child i loved every time of it
April0216 April0216 Apr 12, 2015
This is true people think that witches work with the devil but not all see back then it was unfair trials theres white&black magic if your a witch u jave powers
sapitocmg sapitocmg Mar 17, 2014
I'm a new reader and i think its cool tht u are doing this based on those unfair trials ..
Nutmeg1337 Nutmeg1337 Oct 26, 2013
Omg my class have just finished watching and reading the Salem witch trials! They're so sad I nearly cried and have teared up so many times...poor Mr. Jacobs ;-;
HaileyLobsinger HaileyLobsinger Apr 04, 2013
@xXdemolitionloverXx i have read 2 of your book man you are good
HaileyLobsinger HaileyLobsinger Apr 04, 2013
Most people will not it is a fiction book that sounds awesome cant wait to read it