Simply Unfortunate (Alastor x Reader) HIATUS

Simply Unfortunate (Alastor x Reader) HIATUS

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Kirishima's Crocs By LostSoulUwU Updated Aug 03

What did you do to deserve this? I don't know but all I can call this situation is simply unfortunate.

(Ps- I made the cover.)

Update- This story is on a hiatus, though this doesn't mean I'm cancelling it or planning to. It just means I'm thinking over the story, seeing where I can go with it, and ultimately attempting to write a better, more concise story overall. Hope you understand, I just want to give the best possible experience I can muster. In the meantime, I'll be working on some other stories, such as:

Sword & Shield (Bakugou x Quirkless! Reader)


As The Water Ripples (Sidon x Reader)

Don't expect consistent updates, I do this for fun, though support does push me to write more!