A Thousand Years Apart From You

A Thousand Years Apart From You

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kayla_gummy_bear By kayla_gummy_bear Updated May 28

This is the sequel to the book: The Place Where It All Began. 

After the events of the battle, most of the Ninja think that their brother is dead. When Nya finds clues that points to Jay possibly not being dead, they think that Nya is in denial and that she has gone crazy. Nya then leaves the bounty and will not rest until Jay is found.

Someone wakes up in a realm that no one has ever heard of before. There isn't just 16 realms in Ninjago. There are things that's don't always seem to be what they look like. 

In this realm, there are clues that point to the possibility of The First Spinjitzu Master still being alive.

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  • cole
  • garmadon
  • jay
  • jaya
  • kai
  • lloyd
  • misako
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