By your side.... always.

By your side.... always.

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hey guys
this is my first story so please ignore any grammatical mistakes.

Omkara and Rudra 2 lifelines of shivaay Singh oberoi. shivaay can do any thing for his brothers.
but will they do the same for him . will they be by his side in his problems.
what will happen if his brothers his family believes an outsider over him .
what will happen to shivaay when his brothers don't trust him but a stranger.
he is asked to leave his own house over lies his family believes . what will shivaay do . where will he go. will the oberois relise their mistake.

meanwhile in another city our angel annika is living her life to the fullest with her life line her best friend,her brother-mahi.
for mahi annika is his everything his angel, his sister, his mother. how did they meet how did they become each others  world .

in this story shivaay and mahi are twins 
mahi knows about shivaay and loves him very much but hates other oberois as he knows all sacrifices of shivaay for them.he thinks they don't deserve his brother .

what will happen when mahi gets to know of shivaay being thrown out of the house what will he do.

keep reading this book to know more.