Making It Work

Making It Work

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T.O. Smith By lightthecandle Updated Apr 28


"You're the little miss goody two shoes, right? Smart, straight A's, daddy's little princess, mommy's spoiled daughter, virgin, never do anything bad, right?"

"If you're going to judge me, then leave." I said as politely as possible.

He ignored my comment. "Tell you what, Angelina, if you wanna spice up your life a little, meet me at this address Saturday night. Don't let anyone know where you are, or where you're going."


Angelina Louis comes from a rich family. She gets everything she wants. However, when she meets Evan, that changes when she realizes she can't seem to hold onto him very long.

She loves him. She hates letting him go every time, but she always welcomes him back with open arms.

Will Evan ever finally settle down with her?
And what happens when everything she's ever known comes crashing down on her, very quickly?

JCherryLove JCherryLove Jul 22, 2016
That's not something people just ask! But now I'm curious ☠
kitten0000 kitten0000 Sep 29, 2014
No, she's just hanging around because she has nothing better to do