Ross Lynch has bullied misunderstood Skylar Jones, for most of her life. 
Yeah, yeah everyone is called Skylar these days..  When we all think we know the story of the fairy tale ending, 'they live happily ever after' Well no this is life, not Cinderella. So you better be ready to deal with a little shit called life.
 Skylar has many challenges staying and putting up with her high school bully as her soon to be husband. Read to find out what she decides. Will she stay and forget about the painful past? Or will she walk away? This is real not fake. There's no such thing as an happy ending!

Highest Rank: #113 in Chicklit- 18/05/2016


Also has bad grammar.
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FairyTail_73 FairyTail_73 Jun 25, 2017
Tbh anyone who DOESNT want to run home from school at any time of the day is a mystery to me🤔
hastagraura hastagraura Oct 01, 2017
As in Ross Lynch's  parents stormie and mark? The pic isn't loading for me
jayakaurxo_ jayakaurxo_ Apr 11, 2016
omg its serena van der woodsen in gossip girl! man i love that programme
FakeSmilesRealStyles FakeSmilesRealStyles Nov 05, 2015
I LOVE THAT VERSION OF THAT SONG. the regular version isnt very good but I love the sws one