Keepsake of My Love

Keepsake of My Love

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Falling in love is a bittersweet tango for old high school friends Lydia Coleman and Jacob Somersby.

To Lydia, Jake was the gorgeous friend who broke a million hearts with one alluring smile. He was her celestial Olympian, who then stabbed the cutting blade of abandonment into her soul. 

In Jake's eyes, Lydia played the role of Erato, the seductive muse of love and poetry, with a flaming arrow in one hand and his pulsating heart in the other. She aroused him with her spark, her sorrow, and her paradise.

Was it cruel that their worlds were changing at a time when growing up also meant growing apart?

Join Lydia and Jake in Keepsake of My Love, a  coming-of-age romance about first love, the complexity of pain, and forgiveness that wields the power to heal.


WARNING: This story contains mature content including sex scenes, strong language, and themes on eating disorders, rape, depression and drug use.

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Cover by @MayaDemonAngel on Wattpad.

This book has been through several edits. First draft edit thanks to Susan Ray. 

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