Falling In Love With My Best Friend

Falling In Love With My Best Friend

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Sami<3 By samibrown86 Updated Jul 17, 2012

"You don't like Dylan anymore?" Kaylee asked puzzled. "no no. I do. Its just that I think i like Adam too..." i replied. She became even more confused. "ADAM?!" she shouted. "SHHH! I dont know." "Jade..." Suddenly Dylan showed up and wrapped his arms around my waist. "So what are we talking about ladies?" "Nothing." i repied quicker than i should have. He gave me a wierd look and than grabbed my hand. "Lets go babe. we have to get to class" he said, confused by my jumpiness. "bye Kaylee" The two of us chimed together. "Bye love birds" Kaylee giggled as we walked away hand in hand.

That day at school was probably one of the worst. I tripped over someones backpack in front of their locker, failed my science test, and dumped my lunch all over my new shirt. Then as i was on my way back to class after calling my mom for a new shirt, Adam showed up.

My heart was beating quickly and i started to get nervous. 'He's your best friend Jade,' i thought to myself, 'stop acting dumb.'

"H-h-hi Ada...