Saving His Broken Submissive (On hold Indefinitely)

Saving His Broken Submissive (On hold Indefinitely)

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Tori By Insanity_Wram Updated Jul 25, 2016

Cover by: Pensive-

(This book has been re-written and edited. I advise those of you who have been reading this? To go back and re-read the previous chapters before my authors note Bc I changed them a lot and you won't understand the story as it continues after my authors note. Thank you!)  ATTENTION: This book is unfinished and will remain this way, idk how long I just don't feel like writing this. I'm sorry 

Akira is just a boy. A broken boy. He is slowly killing himself by going out to clubs using a fake I.D to get in and drink, coming home to his foster parents later after disappearing for days. He also takes it upon himself to steal money to buy drugs. His only friend Chillen is worried to death about him, and his foster parent Jani is desperate to get him some help. But a therapist and support from these two people isn't enough to get this broken rebel boy back in track. 

He needs someone more challenging to keep him in line and make him stay in check. He needs a dominant. And Chillen knows the perfect dom for this boy. The hardest, strictest, most understanding dom out there, who doesn't disobeying and broken rules, lightly at all. Shiki Valdez.

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midnight-solitaire midnight-solitaire Feb 15, 2015
the origional book that you wrote was amazing and i cant wait to read the rewight! Good luck :))
day1dreamer day1dreamer Feb 02, 2015
I really like this bk!! I hope u continue to update as soon as you can    
Mitaki1998 Mitaki1998 Feb 01, 2015
This book is great! Im glad I came across it. You shouldn't say it's bad even if it's what you think. Because I know me personally I love it so far, and I am sure other people would agree with me. Just do your best!~
reavenprincess reavenprincess Jan 25, 2015
I am also new to reading your book but please keep with the update an don't quit it
Warrior_Elli Warrior_Elli Jan 05, 2015
ok!!! I am new to reading your book but please update soon!!!
BlackBloodstain BlackBloodstain Dec 31, 2014
I plan to travel along on the journey with this book and you. Keep working hard. : )