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Tyler was an orphan raised to believe he was a normal human being, but due to a certain event that took place at the orphanage he lived, Tyler became aware of his Supernatural ancestry, turns out he is what you would call a Hybrid, half Were-lion, half Vampire. but stronger than both.

Throughout his journey he meets other supernatural beings that he initially had thought fictional, Hell-hounds, Witches, Fairy's and Demons just to name a few. 

But more importantly him being what he is leaves him caught in-between two of the most powerful supernatural entities in their struggle to wipe the other from existence  . 

Which side will he choose as he battles endlessly, Vampires or Therians, or will he find another solution?..... 

Find out... by reading the book lmao :-D

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  • action
  • demons
  • epic
  • fairy
  • hellhounds
  • hunters
  • hybrid
  • lycantropy
  • mythology
  • necromancer
  • vampires
  • werelions
  • werewolves
  • witches
GameZGaming GameZGaming May 18, 2017
Worst thing you could do is shout. It let's your captor know your awake.
LiliesObsessed LiliesObsessed Oct 19, 2016
Dude they're just fattening you up. I'm telling you something's not right
MisSolstice MisSolstice Jun 03, 2016
Whoa there lady! Stop seeding so fast! You look like a bullet now and trust me, it's illegal.
CrushaAdre CrushaAdre Aug 05, 2016
Yeah i remember, thank you so much, glad u liked what u read so far, please share it with ur friends if u think it deserves the share
Roxann_ddreamer Roxann_ddreamer Oct 20, 2016
One of the reason why I think I'll love is that I am totally into the whole supernatural thing. CRAZZEE
WooziIsACutie WooziIsACutie Aug 05, 2016
I read it like i said i would, and it's pretty good and I'll read more! ~~~Oh, this is Yusaku Terada (spelling) from the Naruto onlime rpg