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Crusha Adre By CrushaAdre Updated 2 days ago

Tyler was an orphan raised to believe he was a normal human being, but due to a certain event that took place at the orphanage he lived, Tyler became aware of his Supernatural ancestry, turns out he is what you would call a Hybrid, half Were-lion, half Vampire. but stronger than both.

Throughout his journey he meets other supernatural beings that he initially had thought fictional, Hell-hounds, Witches, Fairy's and Demons just to name a few. 

But more importantly him being what he is leaves him caught in-between two of the most powerful supernatural entities in their struggle to wipe the other from existence  . 

Which side will he choose as he battles endlessly, Vampires or Therians, or will he find another solution?..... 

Find out... by reading the book lmao :-D

All rights reserved © 2013.

LiliesObsessed LiliesObsessed Oct 19, 2016
Dude they're just fattening you up. I'm telling you something's not right
Alanah_Zoldyck Alanah_Zoldyck Feb 24, 2016
After reading all that I realized THERES NO MAC AND CHEESE😭
Alanah_Zoldyck Alanah_Zoldyck Feb 24, 2016
Author can you please tell me how old Tyler is and this is a fantastic book so far keep up the good work 😁👌
Alanah_Zoldyck Alanah_Zoldyck Feb 24, 2016
Ty I'm gonna tell you right now you need to GET OUT OF THAT HOUSE RIGHT NOW!!!😰😩
MisSolstice MisSolstice Jun 03, 2016
Whoa there lady! Stop seeding so fast! You look like a bullet now and trust me, it's illegal.
CrushaAdre CrushaAdre Aug 05, 2016
Yeah i remember, thank you so much, glad u liked what u read so far, please share it with ur friends if u think it deserves the share