Heart of the Forest

Heart of the Forest

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Krickis By AngelKrickis Completed

Applejack and Fluttershy have been together a long time. They have a lot in common, including a mutual love for Everfree. The forest is their home. It had been for centuries, and it would be for as long as they lived.

Or rather, that's what Applejack had thought. But then a pair of traveling griffons began enticing Fluttershy with stories of life outside of the forest. With the draconequus's interests shifting away from Applejack, she takes it upon herself to prove that she's not just a dull forest-dweller.

* * *

Written as a birthday present for Pasu-Chan, and based on her Noodle AU. Familiarity with the AU shouldn't be necessary, but I'd definitely recommend checking it out for some amazing artwork!

Proofread by ArchAngelsWings, Dessert, Mind Jack, and Eddie Grammar
Cover art by Dessert, and all internal artwork done by Pasu-Chan