Prove it (Destiel Highschool AU)

Prove it (Destiel Highschool AU)

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                                                               Chapter 1

Dean's POV

*Beep, beep, beep*

 Ugh, I don't feel like waking up today. Same school, different grade. I hate that place really. Not that I'm unpopular or anything I just hate the fakes and such. Upside is I get to see my girlfriend, Lisa. It's been a long summer without her. Time to go shower.


As I step out of tee shower I dry off and wrap the towel around me. I go back to my room  and pick up the first pair of jeans I see then smell the crotch area. We're all good! I go to my dresser and pull out my old favorite faded Bon Jovi tee. AYE! Don't judge me Bon Jovi rocks on occasion.

I walk down the hall to Sam's room to wake him up. I twist the door knob and push it open the door, to find him already up and dressed. Probably wants to make a good fist impression. He's a freshman this year but gets to talk sophomore classes. He's super smart.


Sam's POV

I couldn't go to sleep last night, I'm too nervous....

blueb0y_Cass blueb0y_Cass 4 days ago
I read this as "being a bottom" and I was like oh? Don't ask. my mind is unpure
Okay but another Bon Jovi song that has lyrics that I feel really represent Dean (because I felt like that was the point of the use of Dead or Alive in season three) is the single that Jon Bon Jovi did called Blaze of Glory idk every time I hear it I'm like that's completely dean
i'd love to drown this whole comment section in holy water if that's ok with y'all
Oh my goodness everyone calm the eff down. Cass is canon in the show so stop flipping out. You can spell it however the hell you want to spell it but just deal with it when others spell it differently. Ok sorries for the rant... peace out✌🏻
BillyJunes BillyJunes May 24
Wait, but how would he not see his girlfriend all summer. You would hang out outside of school... amiright?