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Cammie By WolfGirl51 Updated Feb 23, 2017

It was routine, stand around the TV, Listen to all of the boring news politicians had to say and update us on, listen to my family bicker about how they gave away our country without so much as a fight and listen to the same old stories about the Lycans.
But this time they actually wanted something from us, they wanted us.
And when the names were announced I had to choice, I don't know what other people would have done but I did the only thing that I could think of.
I became one of the Chosen.

Serenity, now known to the world as Layla, swaps identities with her cousin in order to save her from going to KoL.
Having heard horror stories her whole life about the island of Lycans across the channel, Serenity has no idea what to expect as she is sent away.
With her identity a secret and a promise to come home safe Serenity must somehow get through 6 months without someone finding out the truth in order to protect both her and her cousin.

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MarvelousMaReesha MarvelousMaReesha Jan 06, 2017
So I'm enjoying your story so far but some of the paragraphs are REALLY long.  I find myself skipping over all the needless information
lahdidah lahdidah Dec 02, 2016
Seriously, out of all the places in the world they chose the U.K. 😂