Dinner With A Werewolf (BOYXBOY)

Dinner With A Werewolf (BOYXBOY)

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Chris By ZombieStoner Completed


(The sequel to I Met A Werewolf Online. You don't need to read the first one. It is based on the vampire Ethan from that story.)

Izzy's gone out of town on summer vacation, leaving Ethan to suffer a town of werewolves by his self. Jason, the new Alpha of the NorthSide pack warns him off his territory till she's back. Ethan gets mixed signals from a certain werewolf, he meets a new vampire who believes he needs to feed more. How much trouble can one vampire get into over the summer?

  • boyxboy
  • drama
  • ethan
  • humor
  • izzy
  • jason
  • lgbt
  • mate
  • romance
  • slash
  • yaoi
- - Feb 26, 2018
But I should believe that vampires exist and they feed off human energy? :P
                              well okay then :3
Gintty Gintty Mar 17, 2016
Well, actually, I was thinking that there's no way you're 18 years old, but whatever.
NorkersRule NorkersRule Oct 16, 2016
Thats sad,  but i do admire your sarcasm/thats coming from an expert.
ZombieStoner ZombieStoner Jan 12, 2013
@JustAnotherTexan He's just a weak vamp right now. But you'll soon find out why Jason is being that way.
JustAnotherTexan JustAnotherTexan Jan 11, 2013
Why does Jason hate Ethan! He's not a vampire anymore....or he's just a weak vamp, no threat there -.-