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Iris By Lmiris Updated Jul 13, 2016

You never know what darkness life has lurking for you around the corner..

Neither did high school student Lynn Smith, a lively 16-year old with an endless creativity and a fascination for the vast, blazing blue sky above her. As naive as many other teenagers, she was never truly aware of what was hiding in the shadows. Never thinking of what could happen to her. Until that one day. 

That one day on which Lynn and her fellow students were overwhelmed when suddenly her high school was invaded by the Black Griffin Gang and she was taken by gang member Shayne Parker. For months she's held captive along with four other girls. Read the story of a brave and clever teenager trying to keep her spirit up while facing the biggest dangers of her life yet..

"Great chapter. It's just. Pulling me in, wanting more" - The Unseen, Quotev.

"Ugh these cliff hangers! I'm so excited to see what happens! Please update soon!" - Sarah Morgan, Quotev.

"This chapter was amazing  This book is amazing, keep writing!" - Iwritesinsnotbooks, Wattpad.

Highest ranking yet: #289 in Teen Fiction

Warning! The first chapters of this book were written like two ages ago (or two years..). There will be grammar mistakes and spelling errors all over the place. My English wasn't that good back then (I'm not a native English speaker) and so wasn't my writing style. The later chapters will get a lot better, so please, please don't get scared away by the horrible writing in beginning. I swear to God that it will get better from some point. Especially my most recent chapters. And yes, I'm the worst Christian in mankind for swearing at God. Sorry.

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BookWormie812 BookWormie812 Jan 20, 2018
Lol Ms. Hannigan in this story  is a witch just like Ms.Hannigan in Annie.
_Myork_ _Myork_ Jun 13, 2017
I currently live in Cyprus. To be HOEnest 😂 Cyprus is good for vacations only. Trust me.
Ellionna345 Ellionna345 Aug 30, 2017
There's nothing wrong with makeup if u keep it looking cute but some girl be walkin around looking like the clown from it
BirdOfAThousandSongs BirdOfAThousandSongs Jun 10, 2018
go tell your art teacher so she can tell him that u need it for class
LoveTheRoseyBooks LoveTheRoseyBooks Jun 14, 2017
What about I punch you in the face come on PUT EM UP OLD MAN LET'S GO
Dinja14 Dinja14 Mar 17, 2016
I read your profile (not creepy) and I just wanted to say I'm Dutch too. Do you speak it? 
                              Your book is really good. Keep it up and love it.