Kaden [Rough Draft]

Kaden [Rough Draft]

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Synne By Roguene Updated Jan 10, 2016

He's a barbarian, untamable, stronger than most yet only ranked as omega in his pack. Kaden don't answer to anyone, not even his own alpha. He kills for fun and hunts simply for the thrill of it yet it isn't enough to satisfy his craving for bloodshed and violence. Elene is a normal girl living in a rather small but violent town filled with crime and injustice, she is compassionate, stubborn and pure at heart but attracts trouble like flies to honey. One fateful night these two souls meet. 

Completed [14/12/2014]

(AN: Due to Amazon Copyrights the entire story is not available on Wattpad, the story ends at Chapter 39 but this version only contains 35, this is the unedited first draft of the story not the published, polished product, and I spent too many hours making the edits for the actual book so I'm not going to go through the same process with this one. I am developing as I write so you'll notice some change of pace and style in this book)

joanakoci93 joanakoci93 Jan 24
Hmm...i feel like i have read this before...are there some lightining powers involved?
ohshitwadupbitches ohshitwadupbitches Jan 31, 2016
Assassin?????? From assassins creed, is that you????????????
the-leftover-girl the-leftover-girl Nov 10, 2015
Everyone knows who it is, you should really go on Wattpad morw
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the-leftover-girl the-leftover-girl Nov 10, 2015
Am I the only one who didn't see the trailer?? I saw this on my friends reading list so I thought why not and just read it :3
VillainousBird VillainousBird Oct 28, 2015