Evince Me

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Please be advised this is only a sample of the book as it is now published and available at Smashwords.com.   **Please Note - This is the sequel to Notice Me. If you haven't read that yet, it's highly recommended that you do so first as there may be spoilers. **                      Almost three years ago, Tristan Evans finally took notice to his life long neighbor Annalise Foster. To say it was love at first sight, would be a definite understatement.   With becoming Alpha and Luna of the Monhegan Moonlight Pack on the horizon, situations will arise testing the strength of their bond as mates. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles thrown in their way?
@MINABABYGIRL4 She found out she was adopted, found her real dad, her real mom was killed, drifted down a river with lise when she was a baby, her adopted parents found her, but now she is reunited with her real family.
But but but.... Wen did shi hav brothers an she's Spanish, I thot her real mom was alive, wat happene to her real 'rents ...... So confused!!!!!!!!
Look, I love  the first book. I'm happy that you got it published! It was great! I'm so proud of you! you should read my books. there both only 1 chapter, but they're good. Their names are,'My mates an Alpha,huh? What a shocker!" and "My mates an Alpha."
I am so confused. Who is Alonso and all those people? I read Notice Me; I don't get what I'm missing!!!
Good start.. Your writing's improved a lot since Notice Me.. :D
What an exciting way to start off a chaper or sequel ;) love this story!! Please don stop writig!