Princess Charming

Princess Charming

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Lord Voldemort By LovelyOwls Completed

Isabelle Quinn. A girl who treasures her education and aims high, unlike all those other girls in her school that do everything to get a boyfriend. But she knew that fairy tales didn't exists, there was no Prince on a white horse, no castle and no happily ever after. Well that's what she thought...

No, Isabelle was different, and that's exactly the reason why Nathan Blake was interested in her. Nathan Blake, son of Franklin and Valerie Blake. A rich, playboy who didn't have a care in the world, but went along with his father decisions anyway.

But his father was seriously ill, and he knew he'd have take over the business. And that's when he meets Issabelle, only one visit to her school (that the Blake's fund) and he was instantly attracted to this clumsy but beautiful girl that could help reveal that he has a heart.

However, Isabelle is stubborn, and whenever Nathan confronts her about how he feels, she chooses to ignore it. But where will this take Nathan and his Princess Charming, especially when they might have to spend of their life together?

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[This is not an actual Princess story about royalty or anything. It's just the name]

G-ffyLakes G-ffyLakes 5 days ago
I'm sorry I think I accidentally entered the wrong century.
                              Oh sorry its you who's from the wrong century
                              News flash dude we don't do that in the 21st century.
                              Psh 'betrothed'
clichehannahh clichehannahh Aug 15, 2016
Same. The only place I've been this summer was the library. I'm a loner so...💀
jazzy21sjsr jazzy21sjsr Nov 28, 2016
I love this book it has such a beautiful love story yes it has its bad parts but I love it didn't like the end of it though
wannabe_weirdo wannabe_weirdo Aug 23, 2016
Welcome to Wattpad! Where the female protagonist is all innocent and tame but her best friend is all wild and outgoing!
                              Ugh, it's always like that.
JojoIoana JojoIoana Aug 16, 2016
Same .... When I go to Partys..... I read Books .... #Partygirl😂😂😂😂
izzybellvaz izzybellvaz Jul 15, 2016
A WEEK. WHAT THE ACTUAL? In Princess Diaries they at least gave her 30 days.