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Viktorr Ishimaru Auditore (Da Firenze) By kenshima15 Updated 4 years ago
We are a fraternity of assassins called the Ones. We've kept the world in balance for a thousand years. We deal in absolute. We all have abilities. Our sole mission is to stop the Clans from causing Human Genocide. Kill one save a thousand. I've lived long enough to understand what love is. I will do everything in my power to protect those I love. I am the orphaned child of this fraternity. A weapon of fate, and i get to choose my destiny.  Who the fuck are you?
    - Kyle Anderson.
Wow! Methinks I have found another gem. My eyes are racing after your keyboard strikes. Great work.
This is good! :D And the end of your description made me laugh! 
My quality senses are tingling! Good job! This is very intriguing, I love it.
I like the plot alot...mainly b/c I like stories about assassins for some reason. a few grammatical issues, but overall, good job! =) *voted*
Wow, I love how gritty and dark your story is in its mood and tone. Kyle really jumps off the page and brushes the reader harshly, in a good way. Great job!
I like this for some reason. I don't mean that in a bad way, but I'm just saying I would read this book if it were a real book. I liked the quotes at the beginning.