Prisoner of the Molepeople

Prisoner of the Molepeople

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Stephen Gashler By StephenGashler Completed

Going down ... way down.

Trying to have a transcendental experience, sixteen-year-old Ann is shocked at the sudden appearance of a dirty moleman from the underworld. Through a stirring object lesson involving a half-eaten Ho Ho (and a bit of trickery), the moleman persuades Ann to follow him to an underground fantasy world.

Enter the wacky world of Molemania.

The stinky metropolitan city Ann discovers, fueled by stolen power and dominated by American television, turns out to be less than fantastic. She longs to see the light of day again, but the slimy Prince Duthbert (who organized Ann’s kidnapping) won’t keep his claws off her. The plot thickens when Duthbert captures the boy Ann loves and threatens to cast him into a pit full of lava. Either Ann must consent to marry Duthbert or take on the powers of the deep.

Follow Ann through the crazy twists and turns of the underworld as she teams up with German bodybuilders, a mystical sage, and an old queen who writes techno music. Discover deadly infernos, giant monsters, and the secrets at the bottom of the earth, where not even molepeople have set foot.

"Stephen Gashler has written a fun and entertaining book that will provide hours of enjoyment and become a fan favorite.” – Meridian Magazine

“Stephen Gashler has excellent comedic timing” – Larisa Hicken, Front Row Reviewers Utah

“Stephen Gashler has a gift for capturing the imagination of audiences of all ages” – Rich Thurman, Director, Utah Renaissance Faire

“Stephen Gashler’s stories are memorable and abound with energy. The wit in his writing makes you wonder what’s coming next!” – Carla Morris, Children’s Services Manager, Provo Library

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NormanMcNeese NormanMcNeese Feb 17, 2016
Woohoo here we go. This first chapter is sorta funny so I will try to finish what I have started.
NormanMcNeese NormanMcNeese Feb 16, 2016
Acid helps to converse with nature and sometimes with in-animate pieces of metal. So I have been told!
- - Jan 31, 2016
Love the title so much. Ended up reading this because of the title 'moleman' c:
AshWhess AshWhess Jun 06, 2016
And this is why your told it's better to go with your first instinct.
Crystal_Flow Crystal_Flow Oct 02, 2016
Omg! I found the best book EVER! It's by someone called Facepaint. The book is called The Adventures Of The Vampire Hunters.
naaaala2003 naaaala2003 Oct 22, 2015
Your wife will be pleased to hear "It was fun." But she will be proud for such a interesting beginning.