Strings Attached (Coming Soon)

Strings Attached (Coming Soon)

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Anamika G.K. By AnamikaGK Updated Dec 08, 2018

Garv Oberoi was a bitter man with a lot of money and the same amount of pent up anger towards life. According to him, life cheated him of happiness and a normal chance at it. He was always the one laden with responsibilities. Everyone out in the world seemed to envy his life, in fact, they wanted a life like him, except that he had no life. Wary of personal commitments, his life consisted of just work.

Due to a very unfortunate situation which life yet again threw at him, Bani entered his life. And with his mistrust in people below his class along with his aversion to husband seeking females in general, he expected her to be the same, attention seeking, gold-digging, manipulative, opportunist girl that he was so used to getting off his back. 

But he need not worry about that, he realized in some time. Bani guarded her heart with a stronger wall around it than Garv's. Romance or husband was the last thing on her mind. And Garv Oberoi was the last candidate for the same if the thought ever sprang up in her mind. She was just like sunshine, but without any intention of gracing Garv's life with her warmth and brightness.

He slowly gathered that she wasn't playing hard to get, in fact, she was not playing at all. And with that, she intrigued him. One fine day, he found himself wishing that she would play this game of relationships with him. When did his simple interest turn into romantic one, he did not know. The thing he knew though was that she has become the anchor of his sanity, the center of his, Adit and Adya's life. And he has to make her his. Only his for eternity.

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