Shush Kitty

Shush Kitty

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What would happen if Hawkmoth finally found Cat Noir's weakness? What would happen if Adrien and his classmates were plunged into multiple nightmares...all that included something happening to Marinette? Would they be stuck in an endless loop of terror and torture...or would they realize the problem and save Mari...the real Mari? 

When Lila starts abusing Marinette by kicking and punching her, everything starts to change. First, Marinette's healing abilities from Ladybug don't work...when she IS, everyone but her is plunged into a nightmare while she is kidnapped... And then of course there is Volpina and a new akuma at the same time! Will Marinette actually live through this? Maybe. Maybe not. With her luck, it's probably not. But will Cat have the determination to find out what happened to the love of his life, his happiness? Or will he fall for the traps Hawkmoth has set? All he knows for sure is that his heart will be broken more than once...and that he will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to get his happiness...his princess back. Anything.

Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own the Miraculous Ladybug characters but there are one to three maybe a bit more of my own Oc's. Please enjoy and thank you for reading if you choose to.
By: @Derpy_is_awesome

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