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Unable to sustain his own weight over her any longer, Michael collapsed beside her and tried catching his breath. She laid on her back staring at the ceiling. She too was breathing through her mouth. She licked her lips quickly to moisten it, closed her eyes and ran her hand through her hair.
    “Aren’t you…” he panted, “aren’t you going to honor me now by telling me your name?”
    She chuckled a little while she laid there with her eyes closed. “I think we’re passed salutations and introductions yes?” She replied in her Russian accent.
    “Way pass,” he said as he continued breathing rather hard.
    Michael DiNozzo - heir to the DiNozzo multi-billion-dollar industries. He is a carefree, jovial young man with a lot of women friends. He is not a playboy by choice but his career, personality, looks and family background makes him absolutely irresistable. He doesn't get attached, he doesn't want the hassle of becoming attached, and so, sometimes his actions can be quite brutal. But when he finds himself falling head-over-heels for a stranger, she later becomes his primary focus, almost obsessing over. The tables are turned; he who was once the master of his own game is now the one getting played... and he just can't say no! Michael soon learns in the worst way that what goes around definitely comes around ten times fold! MAY THE BEST PLAYER WIN!!!
    Book 1 of the Wicked Game Saga.
everyone is perfect but that mason friedriech i dunno......i cant seem to get it on google
I just saw this on a thread in romance club. Wow your writing is FLAWLESS and grammar and everything. The dialogues are so interesting too! Aw, this is the kind of story that deserves more reads! I'm continuing to the next chapter. great work ^_^