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T. J. Martins By Reed-ink Completed

Tari Ibiyemi and Lani Olaere were highschool sweethearts. The embodiment of the term, 'Young Love' that adored one another unconditionally until Tari fell prey to the cliché vice of breaking Lani's heart, thus killing their ideal relationship. Or so, the world was made to believe as this tale was only a facade worn-a lie told to debunk the curiosity of their peers.

After a decade of silence since their bitter squabble, they meet again in present day at a juncture of great compromise that restricts them from pulling out to maintain their distance.

With Tari overseeing the resulting project as the acclaimed architect he is and Lani taking action to fill in the role of an enterprising interior designer-they'd find it impossible to sound the death knoll on their resurgent mutual emotions and the zeal to keep their relationship purely platonic. Although, they exercise caution so as to prevent the occurrence of another catastrophe.

Little did they know, that their past was only replaying itself in a more disastrous way.

-Completed Story.