If you have read Two Guys and One Girl is SO not as fun as you think it is, this is Jesse's story before he met Reagan and stuff.
    Jesse Waverly feels like his life is falling apart. With his girlfriend and friends leaving him, and his family giving more attention to his sick sister than him, no one is there for him to lean on. Now he just wants to know, will things get better?
@failmuffin69 Aaww thanks! :) I absolutely looove the name Jesse.
My names Jesse >.> I'm in a story ^^ and a good one at that :)
ohhh it's sad =( i feel so sorry for him. 
                                    now i have a better picture of what he looks like =D 
                                    on to the next chappy
really good start, i like how its in a guys point of view but maybe add so character descriptions to give us an idear of what they look like. 
@BieberFever4811 lol yeah I'm a girl, but I have guy friends. I guess I've learned things from them.
Wow,,,, are you a girll... if you are,, you did a great job transforming yourself into a boy!!