The Rehab's Bad Boy (On Going)

The Rehab's Bad Boy (On Going)

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suckerforyou By crazzzynerd Updated Apr 19

She was that intoxicating drug that i'd been trying so hard to resist.

Callie Rose, her life is miserable. She is constantly bullied by the queen bitches of the Battlefield academy. The three Ts. Tanya, Theresse and Tracy.They made her life hell which causes her to go to the RioRetreat Centre of the Meadows. They treat every kind of damaged people there.  Drug addicts, PTSD, OPCD, BPD and accident survivors etc.. 

It's then that she meets Noah White. He takes drug to forget his past. Does not follow the rules of the rehab at all. Sneaks out at night, parties and is back before the sun shines.

He is not just a bad boy. He is a bad boy with secrets.

When he looks into the eyes of this beautiful girl, sitting next to him on a swing late at night and gazing up at the stars when all she should be doing is sleeping and leaving him alone to get drunk like all the people he knew did, he sees sadness. Which he makes it his mission to peel off slowly.

But will Callie ever be able to cure Noah when all the doctors couldn't or is she gonna suffer from the same reactions that the others did?

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