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Those Eyes~Hiatus

Those Eyes~Hiatus

2.3K Reads 94 Votes 6 Part Story
StitchedIvy By StitchedIvy Updated Dec 13, 2018

Bakugo Kastuki's life was going pretty well, despite his violent personality. He had gotten into UA. He had so many friends. But something always seemed to be missing.  He always felt like he was forgetting something... something important. 

He started having nightmares. Nightmare's he thought he outgrew. Nightmares that make no sense. Of course, that would all have to wait since a new villain emerged. Ever since the League of Villains disappeared they all thought it was over. But with the appearance of this new enemy, things just keep getting harder.

"Why does he cry with every move? Why does he smile throughout every attack? Why does he seem familiar? Why do those eye's haunt me?"

"Kacchan... "

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