New beginnings  (pernico fanfiction)

New beginnings (pernico fanfiction)

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Yaoi Writer By kiera_di_angelo_xx Updated 2 days ago

After Annabeth Chase's death Percy Jackson breaks down, blaming himself for what happened. All of Camp Half Blood mourns but none like the son of Poseidon. Feeling alone and insecure Percy Jackson turns to Nico Di Angelo who has dealt with the death of someone close many times before. But when Nico comforts the mourning Percy..things change in ways he never expected.

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Have to admit, I half expected piper to vote before, screaming "my OTP!"
materino materino Jul 21
ey bro listen i n ow this sucks but you gotta go make out with nico and be gay n shizz. so when ur done grieving just come over.
nicoprotectionsquad nicoprotectionsquad Mar 01, 2016
I like how nobody is really mourning Annabeth besides Percy
                              It's really just sympathy
KinkajouSolace15 KinkajouSolace15 Dec 13, 2016
Sry who killed his sister? Uhhhh you? Who broke his heart? Uhhhh you? Füçk œff
AwesoMeUnicupcake AwesoMeUnicupcake Mar 05, 2016
You shitty brat you didnt feel even sad when Bianca died!!! This was how Nico felt even worse!!!!
AwesoMeUnicupcake AwesoMeUnicupcake Mar 05, 2016
                              *Nico secretly grins and goes back to his room takes off his black clothes and reveals his pink "Im a fabulous deadly unicorn" written tshirt and boxers with minions.*
                              *dances till death*
                              SAD ENDING