❆Jelsa in the Real World

❆Jelsa in the Real World

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м α η є ℓ ℓ є ܜܔܓ By JackFrost008 Completed

What would you do when your favorite fictional character came to life, standing right infront of you? Of course, as fans of today's fictional youth, we'd be screaming to death at their sudden, magical, and mysterious presence. But of course, it would be all just a dream-- not until Queen Elsa and the legendary Jack Frost made their way to teleport from their movies to our own world this 21st century, without consciences. The predicted result of this extraordinary event to happen in history? Of course, a whole lot of mayhem, being chased by fangirls and fanboys and the media, broadcasting news all over the world; curiousness, confusion and a whole more questions; lies, love and sacrifice. How may they get back to their own lives, escaping the world that binds the two of them? How will they find love in this cruel world?

A Jelsa FanFiction / Novel that will freeze your mind in eternal wonder and bring you to reality. Book started 12/06/14

Entering the #Wattys2014 Award.

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rayer5492 rayer5492 Mar 10, 2017
Haven't even read the dang thing and I can't wait just reading the reviews and sample. I mean I was laughing so hard my brother looked at me strange
Fanatic_Francis Fanatic_Francis Oct 25, 2017
Despite all the errors, the idea is just funny and entertaining at the same time. 😄😂😍
Aphmarvelfangirl Aphmarvelfangirl Aug 17, 2016
Probably Invite her to my place explain to my parents her situation and of course become friends and stuff idk and help her try to get back to her kingdom
PorkFles PorkFles May 27, 2016
I miss this book ssoooo muuuuchh that I teared up. Re reading!!!
Fandoms-are-awesome Fandoms-are-awesome Jun 24, 2016
I read P.I.E. [Project Including Elsa]. It's a really good book.
ilikeicecrem ilikeicecrem Nov 05, 2016
I started liking jelsa in July this is the book that got me into it