Adopted by One Direction

Adopted by One Direction

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Brooklyn and Bridget are two girls who are completely different  but are the same in a weird way. They're step sisters. Brooklyn's mom died of cancer so her dad married Bridget's mom. Reason why, Bridget's dad died of drug overdose. Later on Brooklyn's dad started getting violent . He blamed Brooklyn for the death of her mom. He died in a car crash. He fell asleep at the wheel making a truck crash into him. Then Bridget's mom started getting violent towards both girls. She would threaten to kill Brooklyn more than Bridget. Brooklyn then shot her when she turned ten. Brooklyn and Bridget went to the orphanage. 

That's when five boys came and changed everything. Join them in a wild adventure in...
Adopted by One Direction.

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Summer_Goho Summer_Goho Nov 15, 2016
I have 2 friends named Abby. One is Abby Stark and the other one is Abigail Paino but I call her Abby.
LostInTheStars_ LostInTheStars_ Oct 23, 2015
My fav 2 actors are rownen and Sabrina and my fav name is Brooklyn lol
Gianastyles565 Gianastyles565 Jul 16, 2015
Hey my fanfic thing is the same two girls get adopted by one direction and they are Sabrina Carpenter and Rowen Blanchard and Rownen's name is Brooklyn but Brooke for short and i never even read this but i clicked on it cause i seen brooklyn and i seen them two
- - Mar 23, 2015
@1dloverkaye Its cool you have friend with the same name as me
anarchiclust anarchiclust Sep 22, 2014
when she said she shot her mum I was like OH MY GOD! THIS KIDS A REBEL