You & I

You & I

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Roxanne Styles, a bartender and sometimes a provocative dancer on the bar with a dark past. She is desperate to feel free and has her walls up when it comes to love. It took a few charms and flirtatious moments to get him hooked to her. Now, she can't get away from him.  

Niall Horan, the hothead frat boy who loved one night stands and nothing serious. He had no choice with the life he has and is stuck with it. He has no interest in no girls that are easy game. It took one party to get him hooked to her. Now, he can't stay away from her.  

Both of them don't have the life they wanted. She thinks he can't handle a girl like her, but what if he can? Two different people, different dark pasts, and yet, they are the same more than they ever thought.  Will they make it till the end? Can nothing come between them?

1Deverland 1Deverland Jun 14
*hispanic accent* Bueno mija he cut his hair so and he luk fabuloso
1Deverland 1Deverland Jun 14
*throws bible at Niall* stupid church boy, that is mystery girl
I just start reading it and all I have to saw is best book ever
lolhemmings lolhemmings Oct 19, 2015
*clears throat* she left collage cause it felt like a job.. her mom and dad we don't know who they are... but she thinks Niall's kinda hot tho...
ChrisIsDaddy ChrisIsDaddy Aug 08, 2015
This is how long my page should be OMG I need to start writing more
Joodyswt Joodyswt Jun 05, 2015
i am sorry i just want to ask .. is this story and the similar's ones are about Niall Horan .. like if he was the main character ??