Hungry Skies

Hungry Skies

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When nouveau-riche banker Gilbert Goldman's client loses an insured item in a dragon attack, Goldman travels out to the frontier to find out what really happened. If he can't reclaim the item and has to pay out the coverage, Goldman will lose his bank... and all his savings. Gilbert expects to deal with dragons and rough settlers, but he's not ready for the town of Scorched Bluffs where every citizen has a troubled past and hidden talents.
Mildred Berry isn't much for bankers. Especially arrogant, accusatory, human ones from the big city. But Goldman won't leave until Mildred tells him what she saw as when she stumbled upon the wreckage of the Boldstream Overnight Express. Which is a problem... since she was one of the bandits who robbed it. The last thing Millie wants is some stranger digging into secrets she'd buried long ago, for everyone's sake.

Hungry Skies will update weekly with shorter chapters. 

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