Devils Daughter

Devils Daughter

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Hi, my names Astrid, my full names Astrid Skyla Jackson... 

Why I just told you, I have no clue, anyway. I'm a werewolf and a demon, wanna know why? Because I'm the Devils Daughter... It's kinda cool being the devils daughter, I'm not treated like a princess, which is a relief, since that life would be boring!

No, I don't live in the underworld, only my dad does. I live in earth, partying, drinking, exploring. I've been to so many places it's mind blowing. But, I've got to keep moving. I'm being hunted. Everywhere I go, every step I take, they just somehow know.

Then, one day, I met someone... That someone was Ryder. He WAS wonderful...

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WolfyEvans WolfyEvans Aug 12
                              FOUND ANOTHER VICTIM 
                              BUT NO ONE'S GONNA FIND
                              MISS JACKSON
unicornlover367 unicornlover367 Jun 01, 2016
My boyfriends literally one foot taller than me so he's 6'2 ha wow I'm short
summer-queen1 summer-queen1 Sep 11, 2016
Ik a girl like that in school I call her Barbie tho and these two r prob twins
bellisima0625 bellisima0625 Oct 02, 2016
I--- hu---- i think imma change is name to drake.... Yea drake
bellisima0625 bellisima0625 Oct 02, 2016
Soooo.... She IS a hybrid becuz thats basically wat a hybrid is
summer-queen1 summer-queen1 Sep 11, 2016
Me when someone I hate or don't want to talk to talks to me😂