I'm A Slave for You

I'm A Slave for You

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keeperofsins By keeperofsins Completed

Celina Manuel has had a rough life, she lost her parents to a tragedy,she had no existing relatives to care for her,forcing her to learn to fend for herself,yet even though with all these trials she remained strong. luckily her Ninang Esmeralda came to adopt her,now she tries to pick up herself and pursue her dreams
  But what if she accidentally crosses path with the spoiled Vincent Truins who conciders her a rival for attention, will she still stay strong and fullfill her dreams amidst his bullying or will she surrender to her faith as being the lowly person he considers her to be.


R18 super strict parental guidance is advised.
Contains scenes, languages and scenarios not suitable for the uptight discretion is required due to twisted content.
This is not a sweet, uptight genre this is an adult novel/erotic genre.

R18 matinding patnubay ay kinakailangan.
Naglalaman ng mga pangyayari, salita at sitwasyon na hindi nirerekomenda sa mga santo at santa, matinding paunawa ang kailangan dahil sa nakakabulabog na nilalaman.

  • celina
  • vincent
ladyredroxy ladyredroxy Mar 17, 2016
Big Bro!!! Still remember me?!? It's been almost 2years nung huli kitang nakausap.. Hehe.. I'm gonna read your story.. I find it interesting.. 😊😊😊
MicxRanjo MicxRanjo Jul 01, 2016
Of course, a goid for nothing brat who thinks he's all that meeting the two-goody-two-shoes, Celina...
comesfromtheheart comesfromtheheart Sep 19, 2015
Nice start friend. may tanong lang ako nung kumakain ba sila father ni vincent yung nag alok ng sweldk kay lina? akala ko kasi kapatid ni vincent.
alownzkie alownzkie Jul 07, 2015
question lang.. ung nasa dining kanina compose of  Leandro, Abigail ang Leo???  si Leo ung tinutukoy na anak? :D