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Danielle Faye Albarico Luzan By EtiolatedGirl79 Updated May 24

Rue Scarce is a woman who clawed her way up and earned the best position one could find in the Mafia. Orphaned and left alone, she found herself in the care of the leader of Britain's biggest Mafia organization. 

Trained and abused by the people around her, she became the world's renowned assassin. Everyone wants her, anyone would kiss her feet for her mercy, and anyone who knows of her name fears her. 

She is married to the next leader of her Mafia, Dimitri Leighton at a very young age, upholding the title as the strongest couple to lead.

Two years of dishonest marriage, along with being forbidden to take on another mission, Rue confronts her husband and she was determined to finish the mission he gave her, even with a child on the way. 

She disappears without trace as she is being led to the place where she will most likely find her target. But this time it was difficult. Not only was her target hard to find, but she is also pregnant.

She is torn between two different worlds, answers about her past gets revealed, and the odds are all rising against her. She is being faced with difficult challenges and making hard decisions.

What will she choose?

Now that she finds something who makes her feel alive, will she choose to have her own will?

Or will she choose the person she was forced to become?

More so, who is she?

"Emotions are strange beings. They leave us confused and vulnerable... They make us weak. But at the same time, they remind us we're human. " - Rue Scarce


Consists of dark scenes (blood, torture and deaths)
Mature scenarios
Profane languages, and overall 
The main character's perspective

Read at your own risk.