Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

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Krazy Krish ;) By krazy_kd Updated Apr 05, 2011

"If your whole existence had been planned out with simple purpose, do you follow it? Or rebel against it? If your whole life was ruled by history and acceptance, do you acknowledge it? Or do you dare question it?"

Since the day Ivy was born life was simple. She knew her role, and she's always known how her life is supposed to be.
But at the height of her prolonged union with Wolfsbane Alpha, a mysterious boy questions her life: and changes her heart.

"If your heart is vying against your mind, do you fight it? Or poison it?"

  • betrayal
  • choice
  • choices
  • drama
  • duty
  • freedom
  • guardians
  • highschool
  • ivy
  • krazy
  • love
  • marriage
  • pack
  • poison
  • responsibility
  • teen
  • wolves
krazy_kd krazy_kd May 01, 2011
@ThePainted n'aahhww!! :') Thanks so much! Ahahaha that's so sweet of you! Though I gotta warn you, my writing is weird xD eheheh.... thanks again, I really appreciate it and good luck with reading on! xD ahahhaha.
krazy_kd krazy_kd Apr 23, 2011
@minimaxiee LOL, nah mate, that was different ;) Hhaha how're you? By the way, I'm just krazy_kd here... No private/real stuff kay? xD I'm paranoid that way, well, you know me xD Hahha
krazy_kd krazy_kd Apr 06, 2011
@Choppy LOL offended for what? Being honest? Hahha it's fine, it's your opinion and to be honest, I tend to be blunt sometimes too xD And like I said before, it's just a way for us writers to get better. So, thanks :)
Choppy Choppy Apr 06, 2011
@krazy_kd you're welcome. And I'm glad you weren't offended :)
krazy_kd krazy_kd Mar 24, 2011
@Ari3ll3-Sanazay Hahah thank you! I really appreciate it! LOL and oh, the next few chapters might be a bit dull, but it will get better. Well, hopefully xD Thanks again! :)
krazy_kd krazy_kd Mar 21, 2011
@Shadows LOL have I mentioned what a great friend you are? Btw, you REALLY don't have to read this, or any of my work, it's all just random stuff in my head that's just really gay xD but thanks! :)