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Bahirakk By Bahirakk Updated Jul 26

"you've killed a lot of people so what would be you say is the best job you've done?" I ask Tessy as I take some more vodka and she joins me in drinking. 

"I haven't had a job that memorable yet, but I am hoping I get the opportunity to kill one person" she replied taking some more vodka. 

"who will it be? " I ask impatiently. 

"the best job I could be given and I'm not surprised that it will happen, will be .......... To kill you karma" she said. Even when drunk there's seriousness.

 I became fully sober. I guess a lot of other assassins would like to take the honor of killing me but we do what we are assigned to do. Nothing more, nothing less. I sighed preparing for the worst wasn't my thing. 


The assassin world wasn't like the gang world. The gangs kill if necessary but we kill for a living. But not me. I kill to find the man who killed my dad. 

When I was 5, he died in a car accident, a car that I was in but couldn't save him. He was shot. And I won't forget it 

I made a new friend and we became the top assassins even if I could beat her easily. 

Old friends, long lost enemies. Would I make it. Would I show you that I am truly KARMA!