5sos imagines and preferences [completed]

5sos imagines and preferences [completed]

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You may or may not know that I have an Instagram just for 5 seconds of summer (calums_lovebug) where I post different photos of the boys of as well as imagines and preferences . I have decided to start an imagine and preference book here on Wattpad of things taken directly from my Instagram account to share with all of you! (:

***Everything that will be posted in the book has been written by me so I would appreciate it if my work isn't taken without permission.***

♡I hope you all will enjoy this book! ♡

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Don't have sex kids if you have sex you will get pregnant and die.
minHOEismyname minHOEismyname Dec 19, 2016
" Bye Liz!" As me and Luke run home we see in the window Liz.
                              "NO PDA!"
mycriticalobsession mycriticalobsession Feb 16, 2017
I never want to go to university, I've never left Australia, get extremely travel sick and hate learning... So basically yeah spot on.
niamhizzy0615 niamhizzy0615 Feb 14, 2016
Technically it's not public, it's on private property. So it's a Private Display of Affection, also known as PDA. Oh, wait-
PANDAperson555 PANDAperson555 Jul 23, 2015
That's so damned cute, and definitely something Queen Liz would do.