Guns N Kisses [DDLG]

Guns N Kisses [DDLG]

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Luna 🌙💫 By FallFarUnder Updated Feb 11

There is a thin line where romance meets violence. 

 Little Kaii is thrust into the world of guns and prostitutes due to her best friend but also lover, Michael Ramirez.

The best part is that she's not going as a prostitute or to pay off a ridiculous debt. She's going as the queen of the Siffton Skulls, the gang that controls her home town. 

Michael has sworn to protect her with his life, she is his angel. She lights his way as he's surrounded by the pain and bloodshed he's created. His last name, Ramirez, holds so much weight. She makes it worth carrying.

She keeps him going. 

She is his Queen while he is her King. 

No one would dare mess with the Queen or they would face the wrath of her King.

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