Perks of having an Alter-ego. [POHAA]

Perks of having an Alter-ego. [POHAA]

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L. L. Robins By sharadhamanju Updated Jun 14


An "Alter-ego" is not a different person, look in the mirror, it's you. It's the real you, that the 'other you' never wants to meet, never wants to access, never wants to accept.

I am Lee. 2.0, the real me.
I was like any other teenage girl back in the days, but today I am different, I have grown out of myself, I have fought my fears to become who I am today. This is my story.


Pristin-town is not just your average town, for the fact, that it has supers. Some are praised heroes and some are loathed villains.

Nova-Gen ™ is a prestigious tech-firm of the town, of which every kid dreams to work for. And 'Lee' is one of them. Having lost her parents in an accident, she has to live with her aunt Kiara, but her aunt brings out only the worst in her.
She struggles to make ends meet, with her crammed highschool and karate classes, in a hope that one fine day she works at the Nova-Gen.

But life has different plans for her. She is sucked into this dark world of mysteries and secrets, of heroes and villains, of science and technology, of supers and their alter-egos.

She has to leap forward with blind faith and trust in order to protect her family and friends. 
Because, not everything she sees is real, after all.


"Lee is a three dimensional character." - a review by @jumping jimney.

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PG-13 / UA - Just because there's use of strong language, that's all. Nothing mature as such.

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