Our Overly Possessive Mates

Our Overly Possessive Mates

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Emily By dropsofargent Updated Feb 09

Alyson Pierce, Talia Walker, and Diana Robinson have been best friends for as long as they could remember. They've gone through thick and thin and would do anything for each other. They've had pretty average lives. They've gone through the same average drama most teenage girls go through. And they were just looking forward to the same things as well. Prom, boyfriends, college. 

What they weren't expecting however, was to be dragged into a world of creatures that only exist in the bedtime fairy tale stories their parents used to tell them. What they weren't expecting was three very attractive werewolves to come knocking at their door claiming that they're something called "mates". But I guess that's the funny thing about life. It throws things at you in the most unexpected moments and expects you to deal with them.


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ReneeWayne444 ReneeWayne444 Oct 17, 2016
                              I should have just followed my heart cause it was telling me this before
ReneeWayne444 ReneeWayne444 Oct 17, 2016
I don't if I'm more like Diana or Talia but there will be a moment when I know
Rocky831 Rocky831 Jul 30, 2016
This is where my teacher asks if anyone knows what literary device is being utilized by the author. Foreshadowing!!! *yells 30+ students*
sarcasticweirdo15 sarcasticweirdo15 May 13, 2016
Bvb is way better that one direction and I'm sorry if girls like guys who sound like girls but Andy has a manly voice that belongs to an angel
krm41067 krm41067 Oct 15, 2014
evert chapter only says what the books is about. it keeps repeating
krm41067 krm41067 Oct 14, 2014
how come I can only read the prologue it takes up every chapter