Rewrite Our Stories (Anne Wheeler x Philip Carlyle) (COMPLETED)

Rewrite Our Stories (Anne Wheeler x Philip Carlyle) (COMPLETED)

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The trapeze artist, Anne Wheeler, had been mid performance, her eyes catching the gaze of another. Time  stopped. Only her heart beat and the man's could be heard, as if she knew he was the one. She never believed in love at first sight...

In much time after during the acts of the nights for the circus, Philip had taken his chance to meet Anne at the theater. It had not gone as planned,  Anne ran her way back to the circus. 

Anne didn't listen when Philip tried to excuse his parents, she had too much on her plate at the moment, especially with dealing with her emotions. The artist gave Philip another chance, forgiving herself for making ye mistake of ignoring him.

But how will their relationship turn out? Will someone come between them completely? Will something happen to Anne? 

Completed. December 17, 2018

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