Chasing a Superhero

Chasing a Superhero

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Superheroes. The saviors and guardian angels we all look up to, and more often than not, fall in love with. Everyone knows the super hero and damsel in distress love story, and all the super-villain and hero love stories. In all the bundles of stories where love is evident, in this story, love is hidden behind masks, death, and a want for revenge. Can one teen really survive so much, or was part of her killed off for good? Come join me, Rosetta Parker, for what may or may not end up being the rest of my life.

Guys is wrote this when I was younger, stop leaving comments about all the cliches! I know they are there!

A 2014 Watty Undiscovered Gem; Honorable Mention winner.

 All (c) me. Superheroes ect. (c) DC. Copying or distributing this story or any part of it is illegal, don't do it.

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VioletMonroe01 VioletMonroe01 Mar 09, 2017
I read the first line and was hooked then I read Gotham City and knew that this is what I was going to be reading for the next week 😂
UnicornTalesLol UnicornTalesLol Dec 31, 2015
Is she going to fall in love with Robin? Because I love him. 🔥Love him.🔥Dick Grayson.🔥 Bet he got bullied for that name. 😥
friedmiso friedmiso May 28, 2015
like, if mary poppins was a little old fat dude and lethal it'd be penguin ;D
SusanWard SusanWard Dec 03, 2014
I like this so far, it's well written. Plus, I'm the biggest Batman nerd so this should be entertaining. *vote* :D
softrbl softrbl Aug 08, 2014
I'm loving this so far, but I know nothing about batman! But it's still sooo good!!
-southampton -southampton Jul 05, 2014
They've all been bat-ified. XD This is actually really entertaining so far! Your prologue really grabs your readers interest. Keep it up!