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Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising

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Erica By Queen_Elixir Updated Dec 31, 2016

{Mature Content}

~ * ~

"I told myself I could stay away from you," I mumbled against his lips.
"How's that working out?" I could feel the smirk on his face and a blush rose to my cheeks.
"Not well," I groaned as he pressed his lips to mine, taking away any rational thought that I might have had. This man was dangerous-at least that's what I kept telling myself-so why did I keep going back? 

He was dangerous and puzzling. The newest Alpha, already feared among wolves, thought to have come back from the dead. The type of person you'd think twice about before crossing.

She was curious and beautiful. Constantly sticking her nose where it didn't belong and always ending up in trouble with because of it. But getting herself in trouble with the big, bad Alpha didn't seem all that frightening to her. 

~ * ~

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ChileW2 ChileW2 Jan 21
Going into the woods barefoot!?!   That's true bravery or craziness there!  :/
ChileW2 ChileW2 Jan 21
Poor girl.  She's pretty awesome for helping then cleaning afterwards despite being tired as he.ll!
insomnireader insomnireader Aug 22, 2016
Oooh a five dollar tip. How generous of you sir. *rolls my eyes*
This reminds me of Naruto.. minus the scrubbing floors part😂😂
NefariousKitty NefariousKitty Apr 14, 2016
what's weird with this is that if I accidentally heard someone said thing like that the first thing that comes to my mind is either werewolves or vamps
saoigreen saoigreen Jan 16, 2016
That is my name, but I pronounce it SIR-SHA. it's a matter of opinion.