roars & echoes

roars & echoes

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Yomna By yomna_k Updated 13 hours ago

A book of ...

• Poems about everything that the silence meant and didn't mean. Everything we refuse to say. Even to ourselves.

• Letters to personas that never took a breath in this world. Yes, I write letters to characters that I made up, asking them to reply to me. Waiting for a nonexistent answer.

• One shots embracing young moments dipped in the soils of melancholic romance and so, died before growing enough roots.

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The_kiddler The_kiddler Dec 26, 2018
Are you talking about the beauty of Autumn or love's brutal thorns? Either way, this is a masterpiece.
colourtastic14 colourtastic14 Dec 05, 2018
I love this because of all the colours ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
ary_xen ary_xen Dec 25, 2018
If making poetry to express your sins and griefs makes me a maniac then I am a maniac.
wiltedwildflowers wiltedwildflowers Dec 15, 2018
hmm. i like the perspective of this. it's honest and different
ArtisticVisions ArtisticVisions Dec 13, 2018
I don't think of feeling pain and being hurt as sins... They are part of being human, and not maniacs.
colourtastic14 colourtastic14 Dec 05, 2018
Sometimes I wonder if that is true. But then I realize that maniacs aren’t the only ones that commit sins.