Alpha Azrael

Alpha Azrael

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INIBUU By INIBUU Updated Jan 15

"Look at me!", husky voice, coming from the man, who stood in front of me, ordered. I'm not ready to face my death, not just yet. 

He placed the tips of his fingers below my chin and forced my eyes to meet his. Suddenly his eyes became pitch black, his face still wouldn't give in any of his emotions. 

"Mine", he growled in his Alpha voice.

My head instantly hung low, be growled once again, obviously irritated by my actions. Goodbye cruel world. 

He is the one, around whom the legends and horror stories are built. Feared by all, wanted by many. He is an Alpha, just like others - cold, heartless, cruel. 
He has built himself an empire of chaos and destruction. 

She's deadly afraid of him. 

Little did she knew, he is the last person, she should be afraid of. 

Warning: contains mature themes, sexual and domestic violence, torture,  strong language, detailed/ graphic descriptions of death.

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  • destroyer
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Shilynn7419 Shilynn7419 Jan 10
When it says since when you are so fast don't you mean since when are you so fast
When i hear my friends name in there and he is so stupid and then all i can think is him instead of a gay drama queen lol
CourtneGreen CourtneGreen Dec 31, 2018
How dare ye... No consent was given my good fellow If she says no then she means-