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"He's hot but he never smiles, makes me question if he's human."

"Of course he smiles, duh. And it's a sight to behold."

"Alec King smiling? My wish would come true."

"Only one person can make him smile, laugh or blush even. He turns into putty in her hands."

"What? Are you serious? Who?"

"Daisy Williams."

He had it all.

Or did he?

His face was always void of emotion. 

Anger was the only exception.

So why would he now want the new girl, to be the one to break his walls?

After all he is human.

And as a human desires to be happy, so does he.

And she would be the ray of sunshine in his life to make him feel this foreign emotion again. 

To understand her was a chaos.

She agreed herself too.

She can be a nervous wreck a second and a sarcastic queen the next.

All she ever wanted was someone who would always be there for her.

So when he comes crashing in her life what will happen?

She was the complete opposite of him. 

She wore her heart on her sleeve.

What will happen when these two cross paths, again?


"Why does everybody call you the the bad boy when you the nicest person I've ever met?" I questioned wanting to hear his voice again.

"I'm not a good person Flower." He said with honesty swirling in his eyes but I just shook my head and laid my face in the crook of his neck.

"You make me happy you are nice. You are my best friend now." I said like a five-year old. He smiled at me slightly as his blue eyes held amusement. No more tears rolled down my cheeks but my nose had probably turned red and my eyes puffy. He kissed my forehead which lead me to blush like a tomato.

"You make me happy too."

Perfect by Ed Sheeran is the theme song of the book!
Started - 16th January 2019

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