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xXSnowy327Xx By xXSnowy327Xx Updated Feb 22


Papa and Daddy are looking for the perfect guy or girl to be there Dolly. Dolly's job is to just get dressed up and look cute just like a doll that Dolly is. Dolly won't have to do anything besides follow the rules that Daddy and Papa set up for Dolly. Dolly won't need anyone besides Daddy and Papa in Dolly's life. Not anyone can be Dolly, only if they pass three test. 

What are the tests? Well Dolly looks cute in everything Daddy makes so Dolly must look cute in Daddy's outfits and if one of the recruits doesn't look cute in the outfit she or he will not be Dolly.

The second test is that Dolly won't run away from Daddy or Papa. Dolly will be good and stay with Daddy and Papa forever. Dolly will be lost with out Dolly's Daddy and Papa. Daddy and Papa will find there Dolly at any cost even if Dolly dose get away Daddy and Papa will find Dolly or Dolly will come to Daddy and Papa.

The third is just over all how good they are during the waiting period. Dolly's always good! Sometimes Dolly get a little cranky but not a lot. Dolly gets three warnings a week just like the recruits but if the recruits get more then three warnings then they go away and aren't able to be Dolly.

Ethan a young 18 year old finds him self naked in a cell with his eyes covered and him pinned to the ground because of something around his neck. He's not able to stand only sit. He finds out that he will have to go through test to find out if me lives are not and he's not alone. There are 3 others, all female in different cells. Two are gone in just two days so now it's down to two.

Ashlee and him.

Who will become Dolly and who would die?

If Ethan dose become Dolly will he embrace his new life or fight it to the end?

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