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* WARNING: There is a significant amount of sexual activity within this story, please be wary of the explicit content *

Elise brought a hand across his face, he couldn't do anything about it. He knew very well how Yonah's felt about fragile women, Xenia being the most fragile girl he had ever known.  

"You're a piece of shit," she spat at him.  

He was well aware of what he was doing. He didn't want to give her away, but he could ensure her safety in New York, as well as prevent her from evolving due to her heartbroken state.   

He didn't want things to be that way. In fact, he started falling for her long ago. Xenia... made him feel like his duties as the prophetic destructor wasn't the only thing he was created for. She found more in him. She knew him like no one else could have. She understood him without knowing all the minor details.  

"Just keep her away from me," he said impassively.   

Elise scowled at him.   

"If she didn't care so much about you I'd kill you," she spat.   

Did Elise love Xenia? More than a friend? More than like a sister?   

This made Alaric jealous. He clenched his jaw.  

"You're in love with her too."  

Elise dabbed her eyes with her thumbs.  

"No. She's just... she's so important to me and you've ruined her with your stupid Yonah charm!"  

No denial could escape the truth. He knew when she came to California for her birthday to visit Xenia that she was in fact very possessive of Xenia. He thought there was previous chemistry between the two, but Xenia told him everything she knew about Elise. It was plain to see, they had managed to form an awkward love triangle between Yonah male and Yonah female.   

Why was everyone trying to take Xenia from him? She was his, whether they were made to destroy each other or not. She would always be his.   

"Keep her away from me," he repeated.   

Elise gave him a long glare. Satisfaction rippled in her gaze. She was glad he was exiting Xenia's life. Little did Elise know, he'd be back.

TrishaWayne TrishaWayne 19 hours ago
I would like to read chapter 2 please I really loved the first chapter
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For the sake of sex education, I hope that no one reads this and thinks this is actually possible
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